The Oaks at Salem team wishes you a happy September!

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Photo Credit: J.B.Haygood Photography


Upcoming Events 


Mark your calendar for a fun evening with drinks and making signs September, 4th, from 5:30-8:30 pm. Come paint with your girls or real wood boards for your wedding or as a beautiful art piece! There are a ton of designs to choose from!



Thank you, everyone, who came out to our Open House and to our vendors who came and decorated there beautiful tables! We where also able to donate 45 lbs of canned food to our community!





Photo Credit: J.B.Haygood Photography


   Newest Member at the Oaks

Hey everyone!  It’s April here!  We’d like to welcome the newest member of The Oaks…Little Ronnie.  You may see him on the grounds or up at the barn. Sometimes I think pets come into our lives at just the right time.  I lost my sweet Daddy on June 8th.  The day after his funeral, I was standing beside his grave and hear the loudest meow I’ve ever heard. I went to the edge of these woods and said “kitty?”.  This cat comes barreling at me and literally jumps into my arms!  Well, as I was thinking I was about to get rabies….the cat just started loving all over my neck. When I would put him down he would climb back up for more! My sister and son, Wade, come over and the cat starts loving all over them too.  Wade then says, “This is a Halloween cat!” My sister and I burst into laughter!  You see, she and I always told ghost stories when we were little, would go on ghost tours and read books about ghosts. Although we’ve never seen a ghost, we have had many laughs throughout the years talking about them.  My Daddy would always laugh at us and say he was going to come back to haunt us one day!  Well, if you knew my Daddy, he was not scary at all and was quite funny…a jokester.  We started laughing because we figured this cuddly “Halloween cat” was about the best Daddy could do to actually come back and haunt us. We took him home that day and named him Little Ronnie, after our Daddy. We like to think he gives us cuddles and love, and of course a few laughs, thanks to our Daddy.  So if you see Little Ronnie around, give him a little love too!