Owner & Operator: April Maness

In 2008, April Maness purchased the last five acres of the Howell Family Farm in Apex and built what you now see as The Oaks at Salem. The property was once part of Salem Community before it became Apex; hence the name! After spending years as a freelance photographer for several local magazines, and shooting at numerous, local venues and gardens, her clients led her to transform her private home to a venue business in 2011. With a photographer’s mindset, both the home and property were built to capitalize on picturesque areas and charming spaces. Since then, her business has grown substantially resulting in weddings or other events held at the Oaks on most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (Sep-Oct, solidly). Corporate events, proms, fundraiser, retirement, holiday & birthday parties are also held here during the week and some weekends. The home remains April’s private residence where she lives with her 11-year old son, Wade.

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